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In the not so distance future, Pope John Paul II will become recognized as one of the Catholic Church's canonized saints.  While the investigation into Pope John Paul II's life has commenced, the laity of the Church already recognizes his entrance into Heaven.  The crowds at his funeral cried out "Santo Subito" or he's a saint now.  This website, JohnPaultheSaint.com, will bring you the latest with regard to Pope John Paul II's canonization process and give you the opportunity to purchase religious items to remember him and his work. Hopefully, he will be called Pope Saint John Paul the Great real soon!

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Latest on Pope John Paul's Track to Sainthood

Miracles of John Paul II

Official Church Prayer for Pope John Paul's intercession 

Official Prayer of the Church to Pope John Paul II on Video


NEW: Webcam of Pope John Paul II's grave

The latest on Pope John Paul II's beatification process.

Prayer for Renewal of Consecration to Our Patroness of the United States of America, The Immaculate Conception

Pope John Paul "the Great" is currently titled "Servant of God" by the Church as it investigates his life.

Movies about Pope John Paul II Important Dates in the Life of Pope John Paul II Encyclicals of Pope John Paul II

Pope Benedict XVI (Pope John Paul II's immediate successor)

Pope John Paul I (the immediate predecessor of Pope John Paul II)

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Here are some movies available on the life of Pope John Paul II (make sure you get the proper format that you desire, VHS or DVD; click on the picture):


From a Far Country Pope John Paul II: A Statesman of FaithThe Pope Great Souls: Pope John Paul II